• "Noisehive provides an awesome service for artists and labels. They're trustworthy and hands on. It's nice to know an actual person is handling your releases and that at any time you can chat with them about the ins and outs of it all. That's a great resource for an independent artist! They help make the process of getting your music onto digital platforms really easy. Noisehive is a great opportunity for independent artists."

    Kids at Midnight (Noisehive Ambassador)

    Member since Feb 2015

  • “For independent artists like me, Noisehive is the best way to get your musical art online! They're very easy to deal with, contact and are always happy to help out. They do the hard work to get your music onto leading online stores which is what you want if you're looking to add more professionalism.”


    Member since Jan 2015

  • "Noisehive has been such a breeze for a solo, independent artist like myself with getting my music onto platforms like Spotify and iTunes! I'm so thankful that I've had the chance to work the Noisehive team who has been nothing but helpful, supportive and super friendly."

    Emily Rice

    Member since Jan 2015

  • "Noisehive have offered us an amazing service, been patient, open and supportive, making sure they've got every angle covered for us. We happily endorse the work of Noisehive and recommend their services to other bands wanting an easy fix for online distribution and royalty collections."

    Chris Yates (The Eighty 88s)

    (Member since May 2015)

  • "Dealing with an Australian based company that can still get my music out there internationally really suits me. Since working with Noisehive, the service has been great and the staff super friendly and helpful."

    Abi Tucker (The Falling Seeds)

    (Member since Jan 2015)

    About Noisehive

    Noisehive is a unique opportunity for independent bands, labels and artists to gain access to premium digital distribution normally only offered to established record companies.

    We deliver your music to the world’s best music stores and allow you to monetise your releases without ongoing costs.

    Noisehive can deliver YOUR music to hundreds of stores and platforms which are constantly expanding worldwide:

    Amazon Music

    Noisehive is perfect for independent bands & artists

    Piracy Protection & Ownership

    Receive free ongoing piracy protection for your releases & retain 100% copyright of your music.

    Label Manager

    Receive your own Label Manager (based in Melbourne) to maintain your releases and provide music industry advice.

    Artist Network

    Join the hive and create your own artist page to connect with your fans and fellow musicians.

    Free Barcodes

    Receive free barcode (UPC) and ISRC codes for your releases (if required).

    Set your release date

    Set your own weekly release dates and make your release available for pre-order on iTunes ahead of release.


    Noisehive has the knowledge and infrastructure to reliably represent your product and deliver your music to the world.

    One off fee

    Pay a one off fee when you sign up, with no further charges.

    Quarterly Statements

    Obtain online quarterly statements (available 60 days after the end of each quarter) within your Noisehive log in.

    Submit your releases

    Set up your own releases with your Noisehive login at your own pace for your label manager to review and deliver.

    Up to 5 releases per year

    Release up to 5 Singles, EPs or Albums a year.

    Neighbouring rights

    Collect your public performance income from plays on radio, TV, in ttores or by DJs in clubs and public spaces. Noisehive will register and collect these on your behalf from public performance societies around the world.

    YouTube Monetisation

    Allow Noisehive to monetise your releases on your behalf on YouTube, even collecting royalties when your music is used by other channels.